“Enchanting a Spirit of Sportsmanship in Sports”

VOCATIONAL NEWS –CUP Hospitality Management (MH CUP): Futsal League 2022 is one of the work programs with Moch. Erdiansya Sukmaputra Dirgantara as Chief Executive of the Arts and Sports Division (SEGA) of the Diploma 4 Hotel Management Student Association at Airlangga University. MH CUP: Liga Futsal 2022 is a futsal tournament with the aim of being a forum for improving health, physical fitness and developing the interests and talents of young people in the field of futsal. The participants from the MH CUP: Futsal League 2022 are high school/vocational high school students of the same level in East Java and its surroundings, especially the Gerbangkertosusila area. MH CUP: The 2022 Futsal League will be held at the Nisrina Futsal Center, Jalan Made Barat (Telaga) No.103, Surabaya for four days on 29, 30 October 2022 and 5, 6 November 2022 with the theme“Enchanting a Spirit of Sportsmanship in Sports”.


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