Starting with a Hobby of Reading, UNAIR Students Won 1st Place in National Level Book Review

UNAIR NEWS – Another proud achievement was made by one of the Airlangga Knights. He is Aulliya Dwi Armita, a student at the Vocational Faculty of Airlangga University. He won 1st place in the National Book Review competition with the theme “ Unlimited Literacy Through the Quarter Life Crisis: Are Books Still Interest in The Digital World organized by BEM UNAIR. In his review, Armita reviewed a book entitled “Still Learning” by Iman Usman, CEO of Ruang Guru.

To UNAIR NEWS (23/1/2023), Armita revealed that his love for books made him interested in taking part in the review challenge . “I like reading books, this makes me want to learn the implicit meaning that is rarely known by many people in terms of the art of reading books,” he said.

In his review, Armita explained that there are three important messages that give meaning to readers of the book entitled “Still Learning”. Among them is God wants us to go through point A or rejection so we can arrive at point B or a success. Apart from that, continued Armita in the book, it is also implied that the best human plan is, God’s plan is the best.


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